Making Real Connections®

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                                         "We're Wind for Butterfly Wings"                                                                      MRC is a "Community of Opportunity".                                                                                           We support you and your family in a personal and considerate manner.                                                                                  *We specialize in Autism, ADHD and related disorders. 

Michele Renè  Conner 
 Founder/CEO:  Making Real Connections® 

Michele BioMichele graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Performing Arts degree in Musical Theatre. She danced at Walt Disney World, with Popular Cruise Lines and Lily Langrty's Dinner Theatre. A seasoned Dance-Movement Therapist and Licensed Counselor she provides therapy to people of all ages. Her compassion, an intuitive skill set and tireless commitment to help families have happy and healthy lifestyles they deserve.

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        Once Upon a Time... 

Making Real Connections® became "A Place Where We All Belong". As a young dancer, it was evident that "being a mover and being moved" is therapeutic; thus my life centered around dance and volunteering in my town. I knew one day I would fuse dance and helping people in a healthy way. Ten years after graduating vision and hard work came to fruition after skydiving and the path opened up for me to "Give Wind to Butterfly Wings". Then I found a local office space, signed a three year lease feeling confident in my new Creative Arts Counseling Studio & Autism Center. Smiling I look back and smile bigger looking forward.

                        Shine On!

       2008 Our First Year Video Montage