Making Real Connections®

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"We're Wind for Butterfly Wings"


                                                             Making Real Connections® is a place where we all belong.

                                                             We are each a piece of the puzzle and together create a "Community of Opportunity".                                                          We promote health  and wellness in a personal and considerate manner for MRC quality care.

*We specialize in Autism, ADHD and related disorders.


                                                     Michele Renè  Conner                                             Founder/CEO:   Making Real Connections®                    

Michele has a Bachelor of Performing Arts and danced with Walt Disney World and Popular Cruise Lines.  After a fulfilling dance career she became a Licensed Professional Counselor and Dance/Movement Therapist who intuitively and tirelessly commits to families to personalize  care and optimize health. Ideas are limitless while MRC evolves and continues to touch one at a  time. For more than two prosperous        decades she's helped many people in the                                            autism and mental health community.

     Michele's Slide Show Biography

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                                Our Very Own Story:                                     Once Upon a Time... 

Making Real Connections® became a "Place where we all belong". Vision and hard work came to fruition after skydiving and putting pieces in place to "Spread Our Butterfly Wings". We encourage social-emotional development, universal communication skills and real solutions for real challenges. Our clients are our priority so by listening carefully and applying our innovative, creative and effective strategies we empower them to problem solve and obtain the lifestyle they deserve.It gives us the opportunity to make a difference for those touched by autism and is key to our mission and success both locally and globally. Continued education, proactive experiences, collaboration with professionals and families maintains our belief and integrity. We ask you to please support and grow with us as we know the best is yet to come!        

                                                                                                                           Our First Edition Montage                                                                     (by Nikki Conner)                                                              

Meet our Interns

Sarah Denekin: Arcadia University                                                                                                                            Graduate Intern June 2018-2019 

Sarah worked in the Marketing Field for ten years has changed career paths by furthering her education with a Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling. She has experience with Autism Theory, ABA, Boxing and Yoga. Her professionalism, insight and compassion towards clients make Sarah an asset to Making Real Connections®.  


Serra Karamete: Temple University                                                                                                                        Graduate Intern June 2018-2019     

Serra comes to Making Real Connections® with a passion to help people gain solutions to real life problems. Her specialty is CBT with intent to practice overseas. Her intuition and observations serve Serra well in the clinical setting. She is integrating theory and hands on learning to optimize her knowledge base as a clinician.