About Us                        

"We're Wind for Butterfly Wings"
 Our Community of Opportunity supports growth in a personal and considerate manner.

  •           Michele Renè Conner
  •   Founder/CEO & Clinical Director 

Michele graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Performing Arts degree in Musical Theatre. She danced with Walt Disney World, Popular Cruise Lines and Lily Langtry's Dinner Theatre. She later attended Hahnemann University (now Drexel University) and earned a Master of Arts in Creative Arts Therapy. She is a seasoned Dance-Movement Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor, providing therapy to people of all ages. She also provides supervision for licensee candidates, comprehensive health and wellness coaching, consultation and financial services. Her compassion, intuitive skill set and tireless commitment to help individuals improve their quality of life sustains her private practice.   

  •         Serra Karamete
  •           Program Director  

Serra Bio

Serra oversees our administrative obligations, advertising, digital presence and community outreach. She assists in program development, counseling workshops and surveys for in demand services. As well as monitor and adjust our strategies to keep them current and effective. Serra returns to MRC after volunteering in 2017 and completing an internship in 2019. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychological and Social Sciences from Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology from Temple University.  

 Once Upon a Time...   

There once was a dancer just 11 years old, a mover moving people is the story to unfold. Stage to street through the internet and more we're "Wind for Your Butterfly Wings" to help you soar. Making Real Connections embraces what we strive to do, bridge communication and relationships so purposeful and meaningful futures are created. Having mentors teach me mental and physical preparedness, the meaning of integrity and to seize opportunity has led me along this path of success. Leading groups of people brings people together creating a community of support and compassion. Educating others about mental health, autism and more spreads awareness and acceptance of individual differences and the necessity for inclusion. It rewards me to provide services that are needed for quality of life. Through a lifetime of giving to others it is easy to share my tips and theories for concrete solutions to challenges and empathy for those who are suffering in silence or visibly to find hope and happiness. This is a calling truly answered.