Making Real Connections®

Creative Arts Counseling
& Autism Center

Making Real Connections® was founded in 2008 as a safe place to "Give Wind to Your Butterfly Wings". The span of our services helps clients reach healthier lifestyles with Person Centered, Strength Based and Solution Focused Therapy. We empower you to adopt adaptive skills to navigate the world with flexibility amidst routine and structure.

Traditional "talk therapy" is enhanced with the creative arts, Dance Movement Therapy and a solid spectrum of clinical experience over the past two decades. We fit your treatment with your style of learning to successfully achieve goals. Bridging communication and building meaningful relationships is pivotal to our theoretical foundation and is highly impactful with our MRC Autism Services. Individuals of all ages find solace, hope and health with private, family or group sessions along with our recreational and community based programs.

We pride ourselves in bringing learning to life in our Creative Arts Counseling and Autism Center. 

Thank you for joining us!